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客户点评-Top Pixel Car Racer Review Tips!-濮阳市人和医疗器械有限公司
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Top Pixel Car Racer Review Tips!
How to Buy a Car Racing Console
Pixel Car Racer Information:
If you`re seeking a drag racing game with a great deal of customizations, cars and pixelated graphics, Pixel Car Racer is the game for you! Pixel Car Racer is a game for people that want a drag match with vehicles, heaps and heaps of customization choices, graphics and controls that are easy to learn. Pixel Car Racer is a sensible drag simulator which lets you drag race your favorite cars against AI controlled opponites (that are rather challenging). By Superchargers to Turbos, you can equip your favorite components or to raise the rate of your vehicle/s. With endless customizations you can turn your pile of crap.
My Review:
By far one of the greatest drag racing simulation games out there. The images , the art style , the unlimited amount of customization ... This can be really paradise for car enthusiasts. This match is constantly being updated, so new stuff comes out.
This game is SO addicting ... and the cool thing is that it`s FREE. Honestly congratulations for creating a powerful game, to the founder! I suggest this to everybody!
My Suggestions:
I have a lot of idea/s I need them to add in Pixel Car Racer, for example a lot more, components and vehicles. However, I need them to bring an internet multiplayer mode, where you can play with your friends. It gets rather VS bots after a while, so adding multiplayer could benifit the game and the community in an excellent way.
My number one tip for Pixel Car Racer is to always use your xp points/tokens for money upgrades untill you get to lvl 40. Start to update your xp.
Other Information:
- Ages: 10+
- Price: Free (In program purchases my vary in price)
- Creator/s: Studio Furukawa
- Game Type: Racing
In this mode, you`re free to drive a highway around with a number of cars. Street races can be initiated by pulling up beside a car and pressing the change light on the middle of your dash. A crown icon will appear over the competing automobile and also a 25 second timer will start.
Since there are different vehicles on the road, you will have to change lanes to avoid them while attempting to beat your opponent. Whenever there is a car forward in that lane A red exclamation mark will be shown on the right-hand side of the display. This is sometimes used before they come on display, to avoid obstacles. These warning signs are ineffective at rates that are higher since the warning won`t give you enough time, although useful. The only solution for this would be to slow down.
Whenever the timer completes if you are beforehand, you`ll be rewarded. Nothing happens if you are not. The game doesn`t end when a race is finished like in different manners. You can continue to race cars as long as you desire.
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