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3M 1357 Dedicated Wood Glue
Particular adhesive wood paste stuff 3M 1357
3M 1357 wood glue is a liquid glue imported directly from 3M Corporation (USA). With quality has recently been tested all over the world. Ga Lau is the official distributor of 3M Group, which is authorized to import this type of glue.
3M Scotch-Weld (TM) Contact Cement adhesive 1357L adhesive is a modern, state-of-the-art adhesive. Features 1357 wood glue with low viscosity should give the ability to stick to an extremely long. 1357 wood glue is employed to paste wood with metallic, between wood types collectively.
3M 1357 adhesive used in wood and material paste
Wood Glue 1357. Can be used to bond most types of materials such as:
- Rubber,
- Fabrics, materials,
- Wood,
- A glass,
- Paper,
- Laminates,
- Plastic decoration
- And many other materials
Description: 3M 1357 cement adhesive is in the form of a bucket, weight 15kg. Green.
Top features of 1357 Glue:
- Glue is made using advanced technology from America.
- Features 1357 wood glue with low viscosity should give the ability to keep for a very long time.
- 1357 backing used to paste wooden with metal, between solid wood types together.
- Endure high temperatures
- Drinking water resistant
- Very durable, strong and non-toxic wooden glue
- Easy to use and fast to be dried
When the 3M 1357 adhesive app in any case?
In the event that you are buying real wood glue for the program, please refer to the information below to see if this glue can be applied to your case or not!
- 1357 adhesive can be used in professional plast typer
- Glue 3M 1357 can be used in woodworking companies specializing in furniture production
- 1357 wood glue is also used for sticking real wood in advertising companies, creating companies
- 1357 wooden glue can be used to paste wood with metal
- Glue 1357 paste wood with solid wood
- Glue 1357 Solid wood staircase
- Stick real wood, plywood, veneer, pine, pallet
- Apply cracked solid wood, wood splinters, wood stays...
- 3M 1357 backing for wood flooring
Applying 3M 1357 adhesive?
- Step 1: We need to clean the surface of the material
- 2: Use a stuff brush on two areas, or use a stuff sprayer for easier procedure, making the glue evener and drier. Then for about 30s - 2 minutes. (Try at hand in no longer sticking hands)
- Step 3: Contract the 2 surfaces together. Employ force to force the material to stay.
Just how to clean 3M 1357 adhesive around the materials?
During glue manipulation can adhere around your materials, In order to clean the surface of the fabric around you can use fuel, solvent or acetone solution to eliminate the glue.
Thus where can you buy 3M 1357 Glue?
Offer us a call. Ga Lau Company is the location to sell genuine 3M wood glue, quality, with prestige 10 years of business. Ga Lau Organization Limited has Head Workplace in Ho Chi Minh City, and branches in Nha Trang, Da Nang. You can purchase wood glue from Ho Chi Minh Metropolis, Hanoi, Binh Duong, Jingle Nai, Can Tho... All of us are all set to supply products to you quickly with the most reasonable price.
If you desire a stuff but do not really know what glue to use, please contact us. Additionally, we also provide other 3M products for more information about professional glue, professional adhesive tape, or any type of other 3M adhesive, or samples please contact the organization immediately. Limestone Limited. Our company is happy to assist you.
To learn more on the product please contact: Ga Lup Co., Ltd.
Mobile: (+84) 0909746169
Source: http://galup.info/keo dan go 3m-chuyen-dung-dan-go-3m-1357-10378655.html
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